Darryl Halbrooks
Published Fiction and Essays

NEW: HoosierLit Journal "Crossroads"

The Raven's Perch. "Click Knife"

Trajectory "Maximus"

The Madison Review "Contents"

Epiphany magazine "Crotalus Viridis"

Gihon River Review "Gretchen of Wisconsin"

Broken Bridge Review "Salt Flat"

Amoskeag: (Southern New Hampshire University) "Battlefield Subdivision and Golf Community"

Ann Arbor Book Festival "Etude"

Folliate Oak 2009 "Deploy"

The New Delta Review (LSU) "Abuse"

The Heartland Review "When We Were Nazis"

Cellar Roots (Eastern Michigan University) "Singrid Advaard"

Verdad "Ringtone Maker" and 3 paintings

Journal Of Language and Culture "The Macallan"

Convergence "Into the Valley of the Post Nuevo Paleos"

Kudzu "Sciurrus Alberti" "Summit Fever"

The Chaffin Journal "Tinseltown"

The Hamilton Stone Review "Shinkwrap"

Slow Trains "Red State" "Gretchen of Wisconsin" "Scumbag"

Clean Sheets "Family Affair"

Dispatch "A Miscalculation"

The Chevy Chaser "Ringtone Maker"
Published Fiction and Essays
Published Fiction and Essays
Published Fiction
Items to right are individual works that have been publish in various literary journals.